What should i do about...

  • Help, I think I've got a virus!
    OK, firstly: Quit downloading rubbish!!
    Now, use Trend Micro's 'Housecall' to search for & fix any problems.
    click here
  • I can't re-connect to the wifi
    Reset the connection: Settings > wifi > connection-name > forget this connection. Go back to wifi, select the wifi connection you want to use, enter the wifi password when prompted.
  • Something happened, I can't print anything
    This is difficult to assess without actually taking a look. Its often a network or firewall issue, but it could be one of about twenty things.
  • My computer keeps turning itself off
    To protect themselves from damage, if they overheat, they shutdown. A quick vacuuming inside to clear the air vents and fans can work.
  • My laptop/pc has become so slow
    Often caused by too much stuff in the background that you can't see. A reinstall usually fixes this. However, if its an old machine, doddery is inevitable.
  • I just can't get the hang of Windows 8
    Welcome to the club, a lot of people are finding it difficult. Even I'm not keen on it. All we can do is be patient and wait for Windows 9. It'll be fantastic!
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